Xiaomi 4k and other news


Hi! I bought 4K action cam and made few videos, but it turns out my computer isn’t cool enough to handle rendering without a problems.

On the other hand, I created this Facebook page. So I can share my progress with you, until youtube will make double language videos available.

Well, the last one is registered web domain for this project. Sooner or later, there will be a website there. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but I still want to have something completely under my control where the project history will be placed.

Some thoughts

I’m glad I started doing all this stuff at the beginning. This will make it easy to figure out how it works now and don’t waste time in the future when interesting events will really happen.

And a last one. Bonus. This is calendar of my training for the first month of my project, that’s for October. It may be noted that it is no stability yer. I hope by mid-November to go to a planned and stable schedule of 2 days of training (power and cardio) -1 day rest and stay on this schedule until January/February. However, the yacht school will start soon and I will need to deal with schedule again. Hope I will.

Thanks you for visit. Your comments is best support for me now.